Easter comes with a new Cubacel promotion

Easter is coming and everybody’s going crazy: shopping for the Easter dinner, buying presents, if that’s a tradition in their family, and most of the times forgetting what Easter is all about: an opportunity to stop and think about what really matters in life, an opportunity to get together with your loved ones and celebrate this miracle.

To help you come closer to your loved ones, on April 11, HablaCuba.com launches a special Easter promotion, offering minutes and SMS as a bonus: for all top ups above 15 CUC, you also send 20 minutes and 20 SMS, which your loved ones can use for both national and international calls and texts.

The promotion is valid starting April 11 until April 13.

What does the bonus mean, more precisely?

For international usage, your family will benefit from:

15 CUC = 49 CUC

34 CUC bonus: 20 min international calls and 20 SMS

45 CUC = 147 CUC

102 CUC bonus: 60 min international calls and 60 SMS

60 CUC =  196 CUC

136 CUC bonus: 80 min international calls and 80 SMS

For national usage, your family will benefit from:/ Para uso nacional, tu familia se beneficiará de:

15 CUC = 23.8 CUC

8.8 CUC bonus: 20 min national calls and 20 SMS

45 CUC = 71.4 CUC

26.4 CUC bonus: 60 min national calls and 60 SMS

60 CUC = 95.2 CUC

35.2 CUC bonus: 80 min national calls and 80 SMS