Nauta messenger, for your loved ones back home in Cuba

Slowly but surely, the world is moving away from SMS and MMS as the default way to text message people. It started years ago and has evolved into a plethora of options that all work really well. What about Cuba, where the access to the internet is still rather limited? You can let your loved ones back home know there is an option Nauta offers: Nauta messenger!

What makes Nauta messenger special, as compared to other apps?

  • It allows your family and friends back home to chat with the people from Cuba
  • Besides chatting, they can also send photos, videos and audio files
  • They can also make the most of the limited bandwidth of Cuban networks thanks to the data compression it uses.

Here is how Nauta messenger works:

Simple and intuitive
You just have to install the app and create an account: it will only ask for your telephone number (taking into account if you are in Cuba or not), a username / password and the email through which it will work. If you are in Cuba, this email is under the domain, but if you have access to WiFi and you can use another email on the smartphone, you could configure it without a problem.

What about the costs?
If you’re using Nauta messenger app from abroad, it’s free, as compared to other competitors who will charge you, the person living outside Cuba, 0.05 USD for each message sent and 0.02 USD for each message received. On the other hand, for the people in Cuba Etecsa rates will apply: 1 CUC for 1 MB when connected to the mobile data or the usual internet rate, when connected to the WiFi.

So, recharge a Nauta account today using and start chatting using Nauta messenger!