Surprise, surprise… Super Bono is back!

Are you sad that Easter is gone? No time to think about that, because a new Cubacel promotion is about to come and cheer you up. Both you and your loved ones you usually send top ups to, because Super Bono is in a generous mood: 30 CUC bonus for every top up of minimum 20 CUC.

The offer is valid starting April 24 until April 28, so you have one week to make your loved ones happy.

You already know the drill:

One more thing: this is another opportunity for you to prove how generous you are and how much you miss your loved ones back home. Most probably, they won’t be expecting this surprise… Easter has passed and they already got your gift or your call. But the show is not over until Super Bono sings and the rhythm is a Cuban one: 50 CUC for 20 CUC, 100 CUC for 40 CUC, 150 CUC for 60 CUC!

So sit back and relax, you have one full weekend to think about the people you want to send top ups to next week. :)