The perfect gift for mom on Mother’s Day: you!

Ask any mom in the whole world which was the happiest day of her life and the answer would be: the day her children came into the world. Nothing even compares to that! No professional success, no other personal accomplishment. That’s why we believe that the best gift you could offer your mom on Mother’s Day would be… you! But since you are miles away from home, here are some good alternatives:

Call her

Hearing your voice is a great gift, considering the distance. And not only hearing your voice, but also giving her the possibility to tell you about all the crazy little things that happened to her lately, ‘cause there’s no secret that she looooves sharing stories!

Kitchen appliances
Something that can help her cook the amazing meals you miss so much! A stand mixer, a blender, a cooking robot, you know best what she needs most, because you’ve stand/stood by her side many times while she was cooking and you were nagging her with the question set on repeat: “Is it ready yet?”

Picture frames

Not the frames, but the photos are of the utmost importance. The whole family, on your last visit home… You, on your holidays… Mom, when you caught her trying to send a text message from her smartphone and looking for the “create message” button. :D

Mobile recharge

Sending her a top up might be the perfect gift, combining the usefulness with the fact that it brings the two of you closer together. Because you’ll definitely get a call from her saying: “Thank you for the top up! And guess what happened to me today!” And the story goes on, and on, and on…

Whatever gift you may choose, she’ll appreciate it, because it’s mom and she’s always grateful for every moment you show her that you miss her.