Cubacel promo comes back next Monday!

Yes, Monday, May 15! Do you know what that means? It means you can relax and enjoy the weekend, give a quick call to mom on Sunday to tell her “Happy Mother’s Day” and leave the present for next week, because for every top up above 20 CUC, Super Bono adds a gift himself: 30 CUC extra!

So starting May 15 until May 19, you can:

If you still want to do something, you can join our Facebook challenge and share with us the most important thing you learned from your mother. The contest is open until May 16 and the winner is awarded 20 CUC which can be converted into 50 CUC during Cubacel promotion.

Y hay más: pueden sentarse, relajarse, y disfrutar el último capítulo de Amor a las Recargas. En este capítulo, nuestros héroes cubanos prepararon una sorpresa especial para el día de la madre…