Yes, that’s right: a new Cubacel offer!

The traditional Cubacel offer just ended last Friday and a new offer comes knocking at the door. Starting May 24 until May 26, a new Cubacel promotion adds extra minutes and SMS to your top ups to Cuba.

60 CUC – bonus of 80 minutes & 140 SMS

So, if you missed last week’s Super Bono, you can enjoy a Bono this week. Considering the fact that if you called your loved ones back home for 20 minutes, you would pay almost $14 and for sending 35 texts, the cost would be $2.45, we’d say that this Bono resemble a lot his older brother, Super Bono, being pretty generous…The bonus must be used before June 12.

How to send the bonus twice as fast?
To make your life easier and your HablaCuba shopping experience easier, here is what you need to do:
1. Save 1 minute on each order by saving your payment details. It’s 100% safe and next time you make a purchase you don’t have to enter the card number and your billing address. You can do it right now by logging into your account.
2. Save an extra 30 seconds by saving your friend’s name next to their Cubacel mobile number. Next time you recharge, you’ll only have to pick a familiar name from a list. It’s definitely easier than entering the entire 10 digit Cubacel number.
3. Save money by writing them a FREE SMS and tell them that you just recharged their mobile using the Super Bono for Cubacel offer. No need to call them to say “Hey, it was me!” and pay 69¢/min for 4 precious words.