You’re an amazing friend! You’re the best husband/wife! Your speech was so moving! Compliments make us feel good – both giving and receiving them. And to acknowledge this, National Compliment Day came to be celebrated every 24 of January. However, we believe that we should celebrate it everyday. That’s why this is to let you know that you’re the best customers a company could ask for. ‘Cause we’re obsessed with our customers everyday – in an endearing way, we promise.

Want proof? Join the contest!

Tell your friends how special they are! Enter our Facebook page and leave a compliment for someone you care about deeply: friends/parents/kids/significant other, you name it. The contest is open until January 24, end of day and the 3 winners will be chosen randomly on January 25. What do they get? 3 free Cubacel top ups.

Not all compliments land the same, so here’s how to get better as them, according to experts:

Be genuine

It’s kind of obvious, but the secret to seeming authentic is actually being authentic. Before launching a compliment, make sure you really mean it and that’s not only something you do to seem polite or to fill the awkward silence… It might become even more awkward, just saying…

Moderation is key

Experts say it’s best to avoid going overboard with a string of compliments, as it might have the exactly opposite effect, making you seem disingenuous. the best things come in small packages, right?

KISS (as in Keep it short and simple)

No need to exaggerate, no need to dig into the figures of speech you studied in school! But when we say simple, this doesn’t mean generic…

It might sound tricky, but it’s not. Try to focus more on the positive traits or behaviors, notice them and let the others know. This will brighten their day! “Compliments can be a useful tool to nurture and enhance relationships,” says psychotherapist Lindsay Liben, LCSW. “Ultimately it contributes to deeper, more intimate connections.”