Cubans master the art of perfect combos: music goes well with salsa and good mood, rum embraces perfectly the Coke and lime and GBs are best served with minutes and texts. To make this awesome union official, launches a new product: Cubacel Combined Plans.

What does that mean?

It means that besides the usual Cubacel recharges you are already familiar with, you can send your loved ones plans that combine data, minutes and texts. You know best what they need more and a plan may be more convenient and answer their needs better.

What options do you have?

Plenty of options to choose from, ranging from 9 GB and 75 minutes, for those less talkative, who only want to stay updated, to 20 GB and 165 minutes, for those that want to stay in touch with everybody and never miss a things happening in Cuba or the world:

How will your recipient know they got a plan and not prepaid credit?

The recipient in Cuba will receive a text message:
You have received a Combined Plan in Promotion.
Transaction XXXXXXXXX. Enjoy XXGB + XX GB LTE + XX min + XX SMS valid for 30 days. It will activate with the first use.

What about validity?

Customers who receive one or several such bundles during this promotional period and have current Data, Voice and SMS plans will accumulate the volumes and will extend the validity of the traffic associated with the Data plans, Voice plans and SMS plans. Except the Mail Bag and the Daily Bag.
The validity of these bundles combines Data, Minutes and SMS plans and they will be activated with the first use of any type of communication that you use first: call made or received, SMS sent or data traffic upload or download. Upon receipt of a Cubacel Cuba Bundle, the effective date of the mobile line will be extended to 330 days counted from the date of purchase from abroad. The data traffic of these bundles can be used a part in all 2G/3G/4G networks and another part only in 4G.