HablaCuba.com hosts a new Double Balance promo especially for you, the amazing Cuban expats who stay constantly in touch with their families and friends back home in Cuba and want to help them whenever possible. Until February 3 (so less than 24 hours left), the international top ups sent to Cubacel mobiles are upgraded as follows:

A few technicalities to keep in mind:

– The promotion will run from 28 Jan 2022 00:00 To 03 Feb 2022 23:59 (GMT-05:00)
– Participant denominations: From CUP 500 – CUP 1250.
– The main amount of the top up maintains the established validity period (330 days).
– A customer can receive several top-ups in this promotional period and this balance is accumulated in the main balance.
– With the balance received in the promotion, the client will be able to carry out all the approved actions: national and international calls, purchase of bags, packages, data plans, minutes and SMS, you can make transfers, activate the Amigo plan.
– A customer can make multiple top ups, as long as it does not exceed the maximum amount set for your main account and for bonuses:

  • Main account: max 500,000 CUP
  • Bonus money: max 500,000 CUP
  • Minute bonus: max 8,575 Min (514,500 seconds)
  • SMS Bonus: max 33,335 SMS

– Customers will receive a confirmation SMS once a top up is made.
– Customers will receive an SMS when the balance is about to expire.
– Customers may check their balance by dialing *222# for free.