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This is the easiest site to use. It literally takes me all of 5 minutes to recharge 3 phones in Cuba. Trustworthy and great deals every month. I’ve tried other sites but I highly recommend HablaCuba. It’s the only site I use now.

Using your service is quick, easy to navigate the site and is one way I can provide some help to friends in Cuba who have been out of work due to COVID and the drop in tourism. And I receive a response quickly from friends confirming they received the top-up.

Simply the best. Always providing prompt service, always providing frequent promotions, always reliable. That is why I say that HablaCuba is simply the best.

Excellente! Muy muy buena service! I highly recommend this mas rapido service to everybody! 5- STARS ALL THE WAY! FANTASTICO! ALL MY GIRLS ARE VERY HAPPY WITH HABLACUBA.

Can’t help but give a positive feedback since I never had anything to complain about everytime I have been using Hablacuba to recharge some friend’s phone and I will surely advise for its use.