Nothing seems cheerful in January, we know… The much awaited holidays are long gone, the vacation is not in the picture yet, all we have is a to do list we hope you didn’t abandon and great hope for the new year. However, let’s focus on the brightside and turn seeing the glass half full into a habit. On that note, we have an announcement: between January 10-15, hosts a new Cubacel promo, the one you like so much, with extra GB and minutes.

These Cubacel recharges you are sending back home offer your loved ones the possibility to stay connected the old-fashioned ways, that is by calling, but also using the social networks. At the same time, they can use the data to navigate and be aware of the entire national and international context.

The promo is valid for top ups between 500-1250 CUP. These bonuses are valid for 30 days, counted from receipt of the top up, whereas the main amount of the recharge maintains the 330 days validity period.