We would advise our one-year-ago selves that we are stronger than we think and that we can get through just about anything. We would tell ourselves to be still sometimes, practice patience and learn to enjoy the little things more. Just imagine our two years ago selves being told about the craziness that would penetrate every aspect of our lives… They would probably say that’s more than someone can handle. And still we somehow managed to get through, to reach strengths we didn’t know we have and find coping mechanisms.
Since January is all about stats for the year that just passed and lists & plans for the one laying ahead, here’s yet another list of things we wish we knew a year ago. No worries, we know all those things now and we’re planning on making the most of the lessons 2021 taught us, right?

Don’t take yourself too seriously

Yes, you’re an adult and adults need to be responsible and take themselves seriously, right. Wr get it! But at the end of the day, we’re all highly influenced by things we can’t control and still manage somehow to come up with creative solutions. So lighten up!

Rest before you feel tired

Even if you absolutely love your job and would do anything for your family, you need to take time to rest. Think about all kinds of rest: physical, mental, social, speritual… Your family needs you in good shape, relaxed and with a smile upon your face! The same goes for work: creativity and a well rested mind get along so well!

Enjoy the little things

It sounds like a cliche ‘cause it is one. But it’s true. It’s time to stop waiting for great things to happened and enjoy more the little things: a quiet evening with your family, watching a movie or having friends over or calling your loved ones back home in Cuba just to catch up, not to solve anything.

Worry less

In general. About money issues, about planning the vacation, the daily meals, a.so. You’ve been juggling with these tasks for years, why wouldn’t you stop seeing them as challenges? You’ve always figured this out, so worrying less seems like a perfect solution.

Take action

Don’t just wait for things to happen, do something. Make those first steps without thinking about how much still needs to be done. Mountains get climbed one step at a time, right? And so do all challenges in front of you. You just have to take action and the results mights surprise you.

A whole new year is waiting for you to make the most of every day. Just believe in yourself and make things happen!