What if you could help your family and friends back in Cuba surf the internet with Nauta?…

You always want what’s best for your loved ones back home in Cuba. And helping them surf the web may be one of the things that would make their lives easier, helping them stay updated and connected to the people and news they are interested in.
They would be able to:
1. Surf the web and see what’s new out there
2. Send emails not only to you who are not living in Cuba anymore, but also to their friends in Cuba. Or maybe to your aunts, uncles, cousins to let them know how you’re doing, so pay attention to the secrets you’re sharing next time you call them.
3. Send you photos. Or you can send them photos of the great Cuban dishes you’re preparing, even if you live miles away from Cuba.
And because we know how much you care about all the wonderful people living back home in Cuba, we are working on offering you the possibility to help them get access to all the benefits of the internet service. Soon, you’ll be able to recharge their Nauta accounts with HablaCuba.com.How soon? Really soon!