30 CUC bonus on Cubacel top-ups & Amor a las recargas, ep. 2

We know how much you love the monthly Super Bono promotion, so let us introduce you to the first Super Bono of 2016: 30 CUC extra bonos for all top ups between 20 y 50 CUC.
The promotion starts on January 25 and is available until January 29.

And because we are all waiting for Cubacel promotion like someone dear who reunites families and friends, Super bono came to life in the soap opera Amor a las recargas! And he’s not alone, he brings his girlfriend, Celita, a beautiful smartphone who sometimes challenges his patience. So, let’s see how well they get along at their first date this year!

To watch their love story, how the forgetful Super Bono and hard to impress Celita are building their eventful relationship, you are invited to: