Top 7 FAQ Cuban expats ask when it comes to international top ups & calls to Cuba

Every question needs an answer! And our Help center is here to make your quest for answers easier. But how about answering the questions before being asked? Here are the issues our customers are facing most frequently and here are the answers which will guide them through the resolution process.

1.How can I recharge a Nauta account?

To recharge a Nauta account, you need to visit the Mobile Recharge page and select Nauta. Then enter the email address associated to your friend’s account and choose the amount you want to send.  Tick the Send SMS box, enter your friend’s mobile number, and type in a message if you want let them know you recharged their Internet account.

2. Can I recharge any mobile? 

You must check if the mobile you wish to recharge is a prepaid number and allows prepaid recharges. After this, please make sure you have the correct number and mobile operator selected.

3. How can I buy Voice Credit for international calls and SMS? 

You can buy Voice Credit by opening an account, selecting the desired amount and then adding the payment details. You can use any of the major credit/debit cards or PayPal.

4. How can I call?

Once you have opened an account and purchased one of our calling services, you can make a call from:

  • Your regular phone through our Access Numbers
  • Your computer using Web Call
  • Your smartphone with our free mobile apps.

5. How can I set up Auto Recharge?

To set up this free feature, please log into your account. Click on Auto Recharge, set status to ON, select the amount and click Save. Make sure you have a payment method (credit card or PayPal account) saved in your account.

6. What is an access number?

An access number is the number you dial in order to access our service and use the Voice Credit available on your PIN. By dialing the access number you will not be charged for the international call by your provider. Whether a local or toll free, an access number is useful when you want to call and have no Internet connection. Please check the access number list before you buy Voice Credit.

7. How do I know if my Mobile Recharge was processed?

The Mobile Recharge is processed once you receive the invoice with the status “Successful.” This means that the amount was sent to the mobile operator. It may take up to 24 hours for the mobile operator to update the credit to the prepaid number you selected. You can always check the status of your orders in your account.