3 life lessons Cuban expats learn while living abroad

Let’s face it, when moving abroad, everything changes! Places, people, food, habits… everything! Still, the changing process does not have to be dramatic: you meet new people, you see new places, you try new food and we know that you’re smart enough to keep close to your heart the people you left in Cuba. All the mobile top ups or Nauta recharges you send to Cuba and the frequent international calls you made talk about the way you succeed in integrating the great people from your former life into your new one.
But what are the most valuable lessons you learn when being an expat? Here are top 3 lessons Cuban expats learn while living abroad:

You value things differently

Expat life can make you change some of your priorities and value things differently – the more you move, the more you realize you don’t need to have so many ‘things’ and you start to really value the simplest things in life. At the same time, if before it wasn’t such a big deal to see a close friend or a family member – the day you’re away from Cuba and you receive a visit from home can easily become the best day of your life.

The importance of keeping a balance

Life’s a balancing act, and focusing too much on one thing can easily trip you up. When you have just moved abroad, finding your balance is often more difficult than normally — and also more important. For instance, expats who move for the sake of their career may give everything at their job and this new job can literally be the chance of a lifetime. But you can’t do a good job if work is all you do. So, balance is always the key!

You start acting like an ambassador of Cuba

When you used to live in Cuba, you noticed many issues which were not ok, which needed to be changed… and that caused you a lot of frustration. But now that you left, each time someone talks about Cuba, you feel the need to talk about the great Cuban history, about the strong values people share, about how amazing Cuba is!