Up to 90 CUC bonus from Super Bono

Super Bono for Cubacel recharges is the first elf Santa is sending to you just before Christmas. Santa wants to make sure that even though you might not spend Christmas in Cuba, with your family, you still get the chance to send them gifts and make their Christmas brighter. And a bonus worth up to 90 CUC is capable to make them smile, as soon as they see the top up message on their phone.

Cubacel campaign starts Monday, December 12th and stays with us until December 15th. During Cubacel campaigns, you:

In the meantime, win a free top up of 20 CUC
Because, as usual, while waiting for Super Bono, we have fun answering challenging questions. This month, our characters, Super Bono and Celita, remember the things that didn’t not go as planned for them on Christmas, such as decorating the Christmas tree or baking cookies.

So, the question that can bring you a free top up is: what didn’t go as planned for you on Christmas? Comment & win 50 CUC for somebody in Cuba. We’ll give you 20 CUC for free and during Dec 12-15 Cubacel will send 50 CUC to the Cuban number you selected.