Why are people looking for Super Bono? Reason #1: up to 90 CUC Cubacel bonus

Every month, Cubans worldwide are looking for Super Bono to make a nice surprise for their loved ones back home in Cuba. Actually this is almost a triple surprise, because Cubacel campaign adds almost triple bonus to all international top ups sent to Cuba starting November 14 until November 18.
We were curious to find out the main reasons why Cubans are looking for Super Bono every month. So here are the top 5 reasons why people are looking for Super Bono and welcome its arrival with enthusiasm:

5. Because they like to surprise people back home.

One of our customers said that this Super Bono campaign, she wants to send a surprise top up to her sister, who says that she never receives top ups from her. So, this is a great opportunity to do something nice, to let someone know that you miss him or her in a very personal way.

4. To avoid reproaches:)

Another customer says that his significant other gets angry if they don’t talk daily, so by sending top ups, he makes sure that they stay constantly in touch.

3. To stay in touch with the large Cuban family back home.

Parents, siblings, nephews and nieces… they are always on your mind when you live abroad and it’s nice to hear from them every now and then. So, by sending them top ups, you will help them reach you easier.

2. To help friends..

Some of our customers love the bonus because they want to help the parents of their close Cuban friends. That’s nice, right? :)

1. The amount of the bonus: up to 90 CUC bonus!

During Cubacel campaigns, you: