How are Cuban men really like?

A few months ago, we talked on our blog about how special Cuban women are. We could have written a novel about this, but we sticked to some of the most significant qualities. ;) But what about Cuban men? And since it’s not fair to leave them aside, here are some things that can be said about Cuban men. We have to be honest and admit that it was very hard to select so few qualities, but we decided to choose four.

They are all about the family 
There’s nothing more important for Cuban men than family! They would do anything to make their kids, parents, uncles… happy. No sacrifice is too big if it brings a smile upon the face of someone they love. Considering the number of Cubacel o Nauta recharges they send or the number of times they call home, we have to agree.

They are a bit loud…
A bit? They are usually loud, but that’s simply because they put so much passion in everything they do. Their work, their conversations, the baseball games… these are all a great source of possible heated debates. But let’s look at the bright side: debates make your brain find new perspectives, discover pieces of information you were never aware of… Long story short, this makes you smarter!

They are great dancers
Music and dance are part of the Cuban soul and something that sets them apart. When you grow up on Cuban rhythm, obstacles seem easier to overcome and happiness easier to grasp. That’s one of the best parts about Cuban men: their optimism lights up the room they enter, the conversations they join, the people they talk to.

They are late almost all the time 
There is a famous saying among Cuban families that he or she “is on Cuban time.” Some say this is a stereotype, others say it’s not. Still, rumour has it you have to lie and move the hour forward when setting a date for a meeting or a party with a Cuban. For example, when throwing a party that starts at 2 pm, you’d better write noon on the invite.