Everybody’s talking about what an amazing vacation destination Cuba is and nobody doubts that. But what about the Cubans’ favourite destinations? Here are some vacation destinations we’re sure you’ll enjoy:

No. 5 and the most unusual: Japan
Las guías de viaje dicen que Japón es un país de enormes contrastes. Lo antiguo y lo moderno convergen en cuanto la belleza del “wabi” se encuentra con la elegancia y el refinamiento del “sabi”. Tal vez el hecho de que este choque de contrastes se puede encontrar también en Cuba es lo que hizo que algunos de nuestros fans de Facebook eligieran a Japón.

No. 4: Mexico
lose to the US, where most of our Facebook fans are located and close to Cuba…Two more advantages which add up to the lovely beaches, fascinating history and many cultural attractions Mexico has.

No.3… ¡ayayay,as the song says! Puerto Rico!
A blend of Spanish, Indian and African influences, Puerto Rico has tropical forests, sandy beaches and an ever-expanding dining and nightclub scene. What’s there not to love?

No. 2: United States 

Some say that US has something for all: nature lovers, beach enthusiasts, history fans, roadtrippers, dice rollers, a.s.o. And it’s close… as compared to Europe, for instance. Or Japan!

No.1: Cuba
Pack your bags and get ready for heading towards Cuban expats’ favourite destination: Cuba! Does any other country have so many of your family members? Or childhood friends? Or the roads you used to travel when you were a kid? It doesn’t, so there’s no other country which can replace Cuba.

If you can’t leave right now, ease your homesickness with a long call.