End of June brings a new promotion for all Cuban expats that are still helping on a regular base their families and friends back home. And to make helping easier, HablaCuba.com drops the fees for all top ups above 1000 CUP.

What does the new promo bring?

  • The 500 CUP is rewarded with: 10 GB + 80 Minutes + 80 SMS

  • The 1000 CUP is rewarded with: 20 GB (all networks) + 160 Minutes + 160 SMS

  • The 2000 CUP is rewarded with: 40 GB (all networks) + 320 Minutes + 320 SMS

The main balance is valid for 330 days, whereas the bonus lasts for 30 days, supporting ongoing consumption needs.

500 CUP 10 GB (4G) + 80 mins + 80 SMS BONUS for only $18.15 on your first order

Well, that says it all, right? That’s the best deal on the market, dedicated to all people who decide to join HablaCuba.com during this campaign.

A new hero: the 1000 CUP recharge

This promo has a favorite. When sending out a 1000 CUP recharge, the islander back home will get: 20 GB (all networks) + 160 Minutes + 160 SMS.
And the sender pays no NO FEES! Win-win for everybody.

General information about the promo

The promo is valid between June 20 – 25, for recharges between 500 – 1250 CUP. If the recipient has an active DATA or Minutes (Min) bonus from previous promotions, it will be accumulated with the bonus from this new promotion and both will have an expiration date of the new offer purchased. Keep in mind that the bonus is valid for 30 days, counted from the receipt of the recharge. If the recipient has an active Money or SMS Bonus, the expiration date of these bonuses will not be extended. The bonus minutes can also be used for international calls. The GB bonus can be used for national and international navigation and it is discounted for each megabyte (MB) used.