Cuban dads! Legends can be written based on these 2 simple words, right? Legends featuring a hero with special powers, who would put a smile on our faces no matter how hard the day was for us… Or who would make us feel the center of the world, no matter how tiny we might have seen ourselves. Yes, our Cuban hero was always there to save the day! And because Father’s Day is just around the corner, we thought it would be nice to celebrate him in an article about all the “samples” of fun and wisdom he spreads all throughout our lives. 

Do you think I’m a millionaire?

Sounds familiar? Childhood seems a time when money is no trouble, so the demands may be a bit unbalanced compared to the family budget. 

There’s always a first time

You don’t know how to do something, especially when it came to household chores? There’s always a first time. Years later, those skills come in handy, but at that time, it usually came with rivers of tears.

Your mother is right even when she is wrong.

That small piece of wisdom is still the foundation of your peaceful relationship with your significant other. 

Every word that falls from my lips is a pearl of perfect wisdom

It’s the perfect match for the previous statement and the way authority was established in childhood.

Everything in moderation, including moderation

This actually comes from Oscar Wilde, but you heard it from your father as well, somehow.