Unexpectedly, on what seemed to be a regular Wednesday, HablaCuba.com launched a new promo for international top ups sent to Cubacel numbers. And not any kind of promo, but the best Cubacel promo of the summer: Triple Recharge. All you have to do is to take advantage of the best Cubacel promo and spread the joy all around. And since it’s a Triple Recharge kind of offer, it will bring a triple joy kind of reaction back home in Cuba, right?

Save the date: JULY 13-15

Besides starting on a Monday, another unexpected thing is that the promo lasts 3 DAYS ONLY. So, don’t delay, grab the opportunity to help the most these days. 

Here is how the recharges sent to Cuba will look like these 3 days

One more pleasant surprise: NO FEES for orders of 1000 CUP or more

Besides the triple value, we’ve put aside another benefit: NO FEES for orders of 1000 CUP or more. So the more you recharge, the more you help and the more you save. 

What about the bonus validity?

Your Cuban relatives and friends who receive your top-ups will benefit from the same validity for the main Cubacel credit,  330 days.

And of course, as usual, during this Cubacel promo in July too, you can send several top-ups to the same number. In these conditions, the bonus adds up.

How can my Cubans back home use the Triple Recharge?

Nothing changed here: they can use the recharge for national and international calls, purchases of bags, packages, Data plans, Minutes, and SMS.

Don’t forget, balance transfers are also possible during this Cubacel promo in July