Great news for those of you who would spend hours talking to the family and friends back home in Cuba. In a perfect world, where money is no problem. In an imperfect world, we are still coming up with some great news: Cuba 80 is now available, offering 80 minutes to call any number in Cuba for only $49.99 per month. That means 62.5 ¢/min instead of 69.9¢/min, the standard rate.
When thinking that calls to Mexico, for instance, are usually included in the plans the wireless carriers offer, this is still very much. So…

Curious to see the benefits of a Monthly Plan? Here there are:

  • More minutes for less

  • No contract. You can cancel it anytime

  • Renews automatically every 30 days

Why are calls to Cuba so expensive?

The main reason seems to be the turbulent US-Cuba diplomatic relationships, which influenced the telecommunications, too. Because of the embargo, calls to Cuba have to be routed through third-parties, like Canada or Mexico, which incurs on extra fees. Also because of the embargo, Cuban telecoms have to buy their technology from other countries instead of the U.S., which is more expensive.

How can you call Cuba using

Techy or not, you can call Cuba anytime you want and enjoy clear crystal clear calls and stable connections. With, you can place your calls:
From any landline, mobile or even payphone in the world, through access numbers.
Through the smartphone app called KeepCalling, available for iOS and Android.