For people who live outside their mother country, with many family and friends back home, holidays are filled with mixed feelings. Most probably, you now have new friends and maybe you introduced them to Cuban traditions, but it’s not the same. Your mind and soul associate holidays with family reunions, seasoned with loud, happy conversations and delicious food. Nothing compares to that, no matter how similar it may look.
However, travelling to Cuba on each major holiday is not possible (maybe not yet, let’s stay optimistic), so here are some tips to help you deal with homesickness during the holiday season.

  • #1 Acknowledge your emotions

    There’s no need to fight homesickness. It’s natural to miss your family and all those places you used to call “home”. But you know what? They’re all by your side and thanks to technology, a video call or a regular phone can make wonders. Their smile will fill your heart with joy and you’ll realize that you can celebrate any holiday you want when you come together. The family ties give you that special power. :)

  • #2 Do what you would do at home

    While your family and friends won’t be there, you can still try to do what you would normally do at home. Call your new friends over and surprise them with a mouthwatering Cuban dinner. This way you will ease your homesickness and teach your friends something new about your beloved Cuba.

  • #3 Small gifts to let them know you’re thinking of them, such as Super Bono

    It may be something small, like a greeting or something a bit bigger (and that gets even bigger thanks to next week’s promo), like a mobile top up they can use to call, send texts or purchase 3G plans.
    Starting April 15 until April 20, international top ups to Cuba get a boost, as follows:

    • 20 CUC – 30 CUC Bonus
    • 25 CUC – 30 CUC Bonus
    • 30 CUC – 30 CUC Bonus
    • 40 CUC – 60 CUC Bonus
    • 50 CUC – 60 CUC Bonus
    • 60 CUC – 90 CUC Bonus

So wherever you are, either you’re one of the lucky ones celebrating Easter with the extended family or the one of the optimists that choose to see the glass half full – the new life abroad, may Easter bring you peace and joy!