So, have some fear if you forgot to send top ups to someone back home in Cuba, who would really need some extra GB to stay connected. We probably got used to living this way, with a constant menace to our lives, but it’s still important to take all measures to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. And to do this, while miles away, Cubacel launched a new promo that offers extra GB, mins and texts. hosts this campaign starting May 25 until May 30.

Here is the bonuses your loved ones mack home may enjoy during the promo:

Terms and conditions apply, so pay attention to them and maybe explain them to your loved ones. About a week ago, Etecsa published a press release that set things straight regarding data consumption, because it seemed that there were many errors regarding how the bonus was used. More details here.

So here are the terms that govern this promo:

  • Bonus Validity: 30 days (from date when top up is received)
  • Main balance will keep the same validity as previous promotions (330 days from recharge date).
  • Promotional minutes and SMS can be used for local and international calls (including SMS entúmovil)
  • Promotional Bonus can not be transferred to other mobile lines. Only main account can be transferred
  • If customers have balance from previous promotions and they receive a top up during promotional period, the new expiration date will be 30 days (from date when top up is received) for both (previous and current balance)
  • Customers with data plan (All networks and LTE) and their corresponding bonuses (LTE and local browsing .cu) if a top up is received during promotional period, will have 30 days at 23:59 Cuba time for their data to expire
  • How balance is consumed:
    – 1 Daily Bolsa – Data Browser (if available)
    – 2 Promotional balance
    – 3 Active Data packs
    – 4 Main balance
  • Customers may receive multiple top ups, the expiration date will be noted as the last top up received (30 calendar days when top up is received)
  • Customers will receive an SMS notification once balance is about to expire
  • Customers can check their promotional balance via USSD ( *222*266#) and main balance to *222# for free.