HablaCuba.com reviews: customers’ wall of love :)

Curious to see what the other Cuban expats using our services think about us? Here are a few of their thoughts, published on HablaCuba.com reviews page you may find on TrustPilot.com:


***** Maxine A: HablaCuba.com is an excellent and economical way to top up Cuban cell phones.
Once a month, HablaCuba.com has a special offer that I use for adding money to the cell phone accounts of my Cuban friends. Usually it is a double bonus, i.e. if I pay USD$25, they get $50CUC of credit. There are several predetermined amounts to choose from; minimum amount is usually about USD$20. The fee for this service is less than USD$3. This month, instead of double bonus, the special is an additional $30CUC on top of whatever amount you pay. I like this website, as it allows me to bless my friends in this way.

It is easy to set up an account for credit card payment. Signing up for the email notification of special bonus time, is also very simple…

*****Maggie D: Good offers and good service 

Thank you for creating this company which gives us the opportunity to get closer to our family and improve the communication service which is so bad in my country. Thank you for the promotions. Your service is efficient and for all budgets. 

*****Cristina L: Awesome

Your website is easy to navigate, and comprehend in one’s own language; it offers a variety of ways to communicate with our loved ones.

I always make my calls via the web call, however, I was having difficulty with my computer. I don’t have a landline, decided to try via my cell. I used the access local number, enter the pin and called home, directions clear and easily to follow.

There are so many companies and cards to use (I now live in an area that I can always get cards). When i found your website it was a blessing, I get my money worth, able to communicate for a reasonable price but better yet a great deal of time.

Thank you.

*****Elena O: My opinion about your service

Until now, I have a good opinion about your service, when I had problems, I contacted you. You paid attention and I hope you will continua offering the same good care. 

Thank you for everything. 

*****Orevis D: Very good offers

It is very useful for Cubans that have few options to recharge mobiles and thus help their families. I hope you;ll have more frequent promotions. Best regards to the entire team.