5 things Cuban expats should try after moving abroad

Moving abroad and changing entirely your life may be both challenging and rewarding. There is no perfect recipe for a quick and easy adaptation for Cuban expats, but there are things that you may try to make more smooth your transition from Cuba to US or Canada  or any country you chose for starting all over again.

Taking risks
Leaving Cuba and starting a new life abroad was a brave decision. So why shouldn’t you continue walking on this path of courage? Try something new, personally or professionally, no matter how bold this is. It usually turns out that the risk of something not working out is often not near as high as we estimate. Plus, the odds of it working out well are often far better.

Dreaming big
Anything is possible, right? So why not dreaming big? Setting great goals? Experts say that the best part of setting great goals is that you’re creating a positive mindset, focused on achieving those great things. Dreaming big is the main reason why the world changes for better, so why wouldn’t your world change for better by setting challenging targets?

Making multicultural friends
Trying to make friends with Cubans who chose the same path you did is really important for keeping the traditions and behaviours that made you the person you are today. But you should also make friends with locals, as, besides being great people, may also help you adapt more easily.

Learning things about the culture of the newly adopted country
Each country is amazing in its own unique way. Even if, Cuba is your favorite place in the world, you may discover interesting things about the newly adopted country that will make you fall in love with it. Yes, we know, no one ever forgets their first love, but give it a chance! Let yourself be seduced by the traditions and peculiarities of this new home.

Staying in touch with people back home in Cuba
You might work a lot, spend a lot of time engaged in this new expat adventure, but your loved ones back in Cuba are constantly on your mind. That’s the greatest challenge of any expat. But we have a tip on how to deal with it: call them as frequently as you want or just let them know you’re thinking about them, by sending them mobile credit. It feels amazing hearing their voice, when miles apart right?