The most generous Super Bono ever: 30 CUC Cubacel bonus and $10 Voice Credit Bonus

The greatest offer is almost here
Super Bono is anxious to prove his generosity, so he comes earlier this month: Sunday, March 12 is the big day. And the fact that the promotion lasts longer this month is not the only surprise Super Bono brings: besides the 30 CUC Cubacel bonus applied to mobile recharges sent to Cubacel, you also get $10 Voice Credit to call Cuba for free.

Here is how Cubacel promotion works this month:

The offer is valid between March 12 – 17, 2017 (23:59 EST) for recharges between 20 and 80 CUC. The promotional bonus must be used before April 2 for 20 CUC to 39.99 CUC sent and April 9 for more than 40 CUC sent. And one more important thing to remember: the Voice Credit bonus is valid during the Cubacel promotion, but we’re sure that this won’t be an issue… when mom starts telling you what’s new back home in Cuba, you can hardly stop her, right?

Contest: What’s your traditional cure for a cold?
We were curious to find out! So we asked you, as part of a fun contest which takes place on HablaCuba’s Facebook page until March 14. The winner will be picked randomly and gets a free recharge of 20 CUC.

Last, but not least
Super Bono also launches a new episode of his Cuban soap opera: Amor a las recargas. In this episode, he is sick and Celita takes care of him… up to a point! See how Super Bono gets back on his feet and discover Celita’s magical cure for the cold! The episode will be available starting Monday, March 13.