Cuban cures for cold

Cuba is not a wealthy country, yet the country has some of the healthiest, most long-lived residents in the world. According to the World Health Organization, life expectancy is 77 years for Cuban men and 81 for Cuban women. Also, Cuba is associated to medical inventions that could run circles around U.S. therapies, thanks to the government investment in scientific research and a preventive public health approach that views medical care as a birthright. These inventions involve treating cancer, diabetic foot ulcers, advanced head and neck tumors, to name just a few…

But we won’t talk about the great Cuban medical inventions, but about a more common problem: the cold! We asked you which cures work best for you when you’re suffering from a cold and here are the most frequent Cuban remedies:

Boil some water, squeeze a fresh lemon into the water and pour 1 to 2 tablespoons of organic honey! It works wonders, according to our Facebook fans. Here we have a variation: you may also add ginger, to make the remedy even more powerful.

Coconut milk, turmeric & pepper! It surely sounds strange, but our customers say it works, so when you feel that your head is a battlefield and your nose a waterfall, you can try it!

Or a trick which will make the cold disappear overnight: apply Vicks VapoRub on your feet at night covered in cotton socks… works every time!

Chicken soup. That’s traditionally Cuban mom’s cure for a cold. She carefully prepares the soup which smells delightfully, if you you can still feel its smell and puts a little motherly love and culinary magic.

A more uncommon, but touchy cure was shared by Greg G: “I am Canadian with a Cuban girlfriend. My cure for the common cold is to leave the cold Canadian winter and visit my love in Cuba. This will cure any cold.”

Most of the cures our customers shared with us come from their families, which shows, once again, how powerful cuban roots are. Sharing happiness, but also the rough moments makes them even stronger and helps them survive the long distance, as our customers always prove to us on a daily basis, calling Cuba often from abroad, sending their loved ones international top ups, and recharging their Nauta accounts.