Etecsa launched Plan Amigos, for lower calling rates in Cuba

Good news for your loved ones back in Cuba: Etecsa launched Amigos, a plan designed to help them benefit from lower rates for calls to up to 3 numbers. This means that if they activate Plan Amigos, when they call 3 numbers they choose (mom, dad, sister, brother, close friends…), they will pay 0.20 CUC/min instead of 0.35 CUC/min.

¿How does Plan Amigos work? 

  • They dial *133# and activate the plan, paying a 1 CUC fee. The steps to follow from that point are easy and intuitive.  
  • They choose 3 numbers they call more frequently and add them to benefit from the preferential rates.

Other important things to know:

  • They can register both landlines and mobiles as preferential numbers.
  • In addition to the activation fee, they will pay a monthly service fee of 0.50 cvts.
  • The special rate applies only from 7:00 AM to 10:59 PM. For calls from 23:00 to 06:59, the rates stay the same, 0.10 ctvs./min
  • They can change the special number, but they have to pay a 0.15 CUC fee.

So, call your loved ones back home and let them know how they can save with Plan Amigos. Or, better yet, send them a top up, so they can activate the plan.