What makes Cuba special?

Cuba… that special place everyone is talking about as shrouded in mystery. The forbidden island for the Americans until not so long ago, the place where our thoughts wander after leaving Cuba, because it symbolises all of our past and the people we love so dearly! What makes Cuba so special? We’d say: the people! And let us explain why:

Cubans value their past and their traditions. For instance, Cubans don’t typically write their recipes down. Instead, they are passed down from generation to generation through stories and shared experiences. Psychologists say that we are as strong as our roots and since we get the chance to find out so many things about our ancestors directly from our parents and grandparents, we can only be grateful for this!

It has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Cuba nowadays has a cost-free public health service, which boasts the third-highest doctor-patient ratio in the world with 70,000 trained medics, a life expectancy rate which is the second highest in the Americas and in 2015 it became the first nation in the world to officially eliminate the transmission of HIV from mother to child.

Cubans care a lot about each other! And that’s what’s most important, what gives us meaning in life and makes us find the resources we need to overcome the obstacles life throws in front of us. And we know that because we can see how often you call them and how often you send them international top ups and recharge their Nauta accounts. They are still always on your mind, no matter the distance.