For Dad, with love…

Usually, it’s all about moms, about how they sacrifice for their children, how they’d do anything to make their children happy. And it’s all true! But what about dads? They are also by their children’s side from day 1, supporting them and helping them find their own voice and build their own path. So, because most of the time the story revolves around moms, on Father’s Day challenged Cubans to talk about their dads. And what great stories they shared…

Eugenia L: My father was the oldest of 4 brothers and worked to take care of his family. Then he worked as a courier for a pharmacy and studied and became a pharmacist. With the help of my mother he opened a pharmacy but the most beautiful thing I remember about my father is how charitable he was with everyone in need, he did not care that someone did not have the money, he would give them the meds without payment. My father, as well as my mother, taught me to love the others just like you love yourself, because we are all God’s sons. Thank you dad because I followed your example with all human beings who need help.

Antonio M.: My father sacrificed himself so that I could study and become a man of my word and know how to walk through life with strong principles, to be able to move forward. Not only am I proud of him but he has a special place in my heart.

Ariagna del T.: What I love most about my father is his infinite kindness, even when I don’t deserve it. He’s still a great dad. Congratulations to all the dads in the world.

Taimaris Castillo Romero: Love and understanding and above all, security.?

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