Cubans have a strong family orientation! They care about each other and always try to be as helpful as possible, not only for the close family, but also for the extended family. The community (neighbourhood, church, school and production cooperative) also serves as something of an extended family, helping to reinforce social values and emotional security. That’s why in Cuba people say they don’t usually feel lonely. When moving abroad, getting used to a new sense of family is a bit hard and the need to keep/stay close to the loved ones back home is strong.

Family is the thing Cuban expats miss the most about home
They say “your home is where your soul is”. And most of the times, your soul is where your family is. Missing family is probably the greatest challenge of an expat’s life, but you know what? They are happy because they know that your life is better now and being able to help them also makes you feel that moving abroad was the best decision for all of you.

The glass is always half full
Family is also the place where Cubans learn to see the bright side of life, to have fun, no matter how hard it may be sometimes to get over the daily challenges. Family is that haven of peace they come to, recharging their batteries for the unpredictable. We wanted to say “haven of tranquility”, but we all know Cubans are not about being quiet, on the contrary, their loud happiness is contagious and is easily spread all around.

They know how important supporting one another is
And we are not only talking about financial support, although the great number of international top ups and Nauta recharges are a meaningful indicator in this sense, but also emotional support. They will talk for hours on end about issues they are faced with, about problems, trying to find the best solution. Because there’s no one else having the best interest in their mind than family.