Cubacel promo or Magic 3: 3 prizes, 30 CUC bonus and 3×2 promo days

Sometimes you just need to believe in magic because it’s right in front of you! Just like this Cubacel promo, starting on July 9 and staying 6 days (3×2, as we were saying…) and offering 30 CUC (3×10, there!). And that’s not all! This Cubacel promo is preceded by a contest that offers…yes, you are completely right, 3 prizes! All we’re asking you is to share not 1, not 2, but 3 things you miss from back home. Not necessarily things, but people, pets, places, whatever comes up to your mind when you think of Cuba!

Another bonus: 4 Cuban superstitions…
As a kid, were you always reminded of the evil and dark forces out there in the world? As an adult, do you ever think it’s a miracle you made it to adulthood? Here are 5 Cuban superstitions that might sound familiar to you:

Don’t put your purse on the floor, money will walk away.
Putting our purse or even worse our mami’s purse of the floor came with a fast “OYE! ESTAS LOCA, RECOGE ESA CARTERA DEL PISO AHORA MISMO! (Are you crazy, pick up that purse right now!).”

Don’t sweep over coins you’ll end up penny less.
Sweeping over coins means you’re throwing away money from your life. Next time you’re sweeping your place pick up all those coins instead of sweeping over them.

An upside down broom behind the door will get rid of unwanted visitors.
You want to get rid of some unwanted or uninvited visitors put your broom upside down behind the door and watch them leave.

Cuban babies must smell like the tears of angels
How Cuban babies smell is of the utmost importance. Not one Cuban baby has ever made it home from the hospital without a good dose of Violetas Cologne. Purists would insist on the Augustin Reyes brand and I would have to agree. Babies must smell like violets. That is all. Is there anything better than the smell of a clean, Cuban baby? Maybe Heaven itself.