7 hilarious Cuban expressions

Cubans have a way with words and some magic tricks that they use to make them sound like music to one’s ear or… quite the contrary, right? So we thought it would be nice to remember, in full Super Bono week, some expressions that still are so close to our hearts.

  • A Cuban is not going to cry when the situation worsens…He’s going to cry because “he lost his pacifier.” (Va a llorar porque se le perdió el tete.)
  • A Cuban doesn’t ask you to not worry so much…He’ll ask you, “not to fight, as there’s a lot of cane sugar.” (No cojas lucha, que la caña es mucha.)
  • For a Cuban the weather is not perfect…It’s “beach-beach-swimming pool-swimming pool.” (Paya playa piscina piscina.)
  • A Cuban doesn’t come to the wrong conclusion…He gets lost in the curve. (Se pierde en la curvita.)
  • A Cuban doesn’t get angry…He become like Picones. (Se pone como Picones.)
  • For a Cuban one is not responsible for his own actions…But, “A goat that breaks a drum pays with her own skin.” (Chivo que rompe tambor con su pellejo paga.)
  • A Cuban is not stingy…He walks on his elbows. (Camina con los codos.)

Thank you, MatadorNetwork, for the inspiration!