What type of party person are you?


4th of July is coming so you’d better get this party started! We know it’s not that type of holiday we’ve been celebrating since we were kids and brings back wonderful memories, but it’s a great opportunity to have fun. After all, US is our country now, right?

So here are some types of party people… Are you one of them? Or can you see some of your friends in the moves?

The dancers
One beer and they turn into Beyonce’s not so talented dancer…

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The fashion mongers
I feel pretty, oh, so pretty…

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The quiet persons
No matter how crazy the party is, there is that awkward person with a drink in their hand that you can guess has had it with them all night, not talking to anybody and just starring down other people.

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The pranksters
Parties would be so boring without that secret society of people who spice things up, sometimes in an embarrassing way, true, but God, you will make you laugh your head off!

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Las superestrellas
Esa persona que cree conocer todas las letras de todas las canciones que alguna vez existieron. Cada noche se convierte en una audición para The Voice.

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The superstars
That person who thinks to know all the lyrics to every song that ever existed. Every night out turns into an audition for The Voice.

You might not see yourself in any of these types, but you just go out and enjoy yourself with your friends… No matter how you like to behave when you’re at a party, just have fun!