Celebrating International Homesickness Day with Super Bono and great life lessons

On International Homesickness Day, the greatest gift both for you and for your loved ones back home in Cuba was Cubacel promotion. But for us, the greatest gift was the lessons you shared with us these days.

This month’s Facebook challenge, awarding a free top up of 20 CUC, was an invitation to share the most valuable lesson you learned after moving abroad. Many of these lessons filled our eyes with tears, some others filled our heart with joy and nostalgy But most importantly, made us realize how many things we all have in common and that, in the end, it’s ok to be homesick because wherever you are, you take home with you!

Here are some of the stories shared on Facebook:

Sigrid F.: The native land will always go with us, our culture, idiosyncrasy, joy and above all the desire to live … Who does not miss a good domino in the neighborhood streets? Or the morning coffee with the family, or the traditional roasted suckling pig ?? And the best our music and the overflow of emotion as we dance… We made Gozadera … All this and much more along with the joys of nostalgic sadness and longing to see and share with family friends and siblings we carry it in our big heart wherever we are … Thanks to everyone and especially to Habla which allows me to stay connected with my friends.

Lilian C.: Nothing overcomes this remoteness, we leave our country looking for things that we supposedly need, but we do not realize that what we leave behind is as valuable and necessary as what we want to achieve. It’s very hard, life divides us forever, we never get to be complete because behind this dream we leave our roots and we can never get over this.

Javier R.: All the lessons of this life make us grow as individual people, bearing in mind that being away from the family is always a handicap difficult  to overcome.

Marisely L.: The strength and courage you must have to live away from the family, learn to say I’m fine when I actually have my soul torn apart.