For a better tonus, just grab Cubacel bonus! October 16-20 >>

Cubacel bonus! The two words that bring a smile upon all Cuban expats’ faces, being the opportunity to send generous international top ups to their loved ones back home. And science says that each time you smile you throw a little feel-good party in your brain. This is why the promo lasts 5 days, from October 16 to 20, to spread more good mood.
Each time a top up reaches its destination, at least one more smile colors the face of a Cuban mom or dad, brother, sister, friend, you know better, with the magic feeling of being loved. Poetry aside, it feels good to know that someone is thinking about you, although miles away.

From poetry to maths

Here is how Cubacel equation looks like:

  • For 20 CUC recharges, you will send 50 CUC
  • For 30 CUC recharges, you will send 60 CUC
  • For 40 CUC recharges, you will send 100 CUC
  • For 50 CUC recharges, you will send 110 CUC
  • For 60 CUC recharges, you will send 150 CUC

Who’s your favorite person?
Speaking of mom, dad…here’s a pretty difficult challenge for you: tell us who is your favorite person in Cuba? Can’t choose one? No worries, we totally understand! Add your answer in a comment to our Facebook post. It might be a confession, an opportunity to let them know how much you miss them. The Facebook contest runs until Tuesday, October 17 and the winner will be selected randomly on October 18, being awarded a free top up