Cubans’ favorite people in the whole world

No, it’s not Shakira, it’s not Angelia Jolie or some other famous Hollywood star. It’s not even Rachel from Friends, whom we all love and hope that will someday see a sequel to this beloved sitcom. It’s mom, it’s dad, it’s grandma or grandpa or our nephews, nieces and cousins, those persons we love dearly and miss so much when we’re far away from home. The people whose voice warm up our hear, the people whose smile means the world to us.

We challenged you to share with us who is your favorite person and here are the most common answers:

The parents
Ok, we’ll be honest and confess that “mom” came up more often than “dad”, but everybody is used to this, even dads. Moms being the ones that give life, the person everybody depends on from the early beginnings, it seems normal to think of her first. Plus, moms are sensitive and emotional, whereas dads are the powerful figures in children’s lives. And that’s not all: Cuban moms are so hip (check Exhibit A) and so chill and relaxed (check Exhibit B)

Exhibit A

Pipo B.: My favorite person is my mother to whom I owe all that I am and I love with all the strength of my heart.

Yurelbis H.: My favorite person in the world is my father who is in Cuba and I see him every 4 years and I thank I can recharge his cell every time there is an offer in this way I let him know that he is always on my mind and it is way to make him feel close to me despite the distance.

The sons and daughters

Exhibit B

Sounds like a soap opera, right? And it kind of is, because parents tend to build their lives around their sons and daughters, once they are born. And this is why these answers came up so often. Things stay the same even after the children leave home…parents count the days between their sons’ and daughters’ visits.

Maria O.: My favorite persons in the world are two my two children Osmany and Onelia. This service, due to its efficiency allows me to communicate with them and I thank you very much for allowing me this communication, I congratulate you and wish many blessings to and Face teams.

The grandkids
Yeah, the grandkids, the little amazing creatures that steal kids’ place in their parents’ soul. :) But this doesn’t make anyone angry or sad, it’s quite the contrary, this makes us love them even more.

Caridad A.My favorite person is my granddaughter Gabriella, she is a special girl, she will turn 11, she is sweet, tender and intelligent. She has been taking ballet and tap dance classes for three years. This year she began to teach music, she is in the 5th grade. She speaks English and Spanish and loves to dance to Cuba songs and say “Sugar.” She stole my heart

And then there was this comment, that summed up best all our feelings and thoughts: favorite person = the whole family! :)

Clara B.: My favorite person is my entire family back home in Cuba and I love them and I thank HablaCuba for helping me staying in touch with them.