2020 is finally over. We all waited for that to happen, hoping that the new year would rise to the occasion. Yup, we have pretty high expectations when it comes to 2021, the highest being getting back to normal. We’ll see how it goes. In the meantime, let’s enjoy a new Cubacel promo and set some new year resolutions to help us get through, no matter the challenges.

New Year, new currency, new promo

Starting January 1, Cuba put an end to the dual currency system and the CUP is now almighty. Here is how the bonuses look like for the Cubacel promo that will be valid starting January 11 until January 16.

500 CUP – 1000 CUP Bonus
650 CUP – 1000 CUP Bonus
750 CUP – 1000 CUP Bonus
1000 CUP – 2000 CUP Bonus
1100 CUP – 2000 CUP Bonus
1250 CUP – 2000 CUP Bonus

So if your New Year resolution was to help more your family and close friends, this promo comes in handy.

New year, new me

Or old me, with better habits. For those of you who love new year resolutions, here’s a list that might be a source of inspiration:

Read more
And we are not talking about the Facebook feed. More books, more articles about topics that interest you or that are useful for your personal or professional development. Hit the Pause button for social media, step back, since it only increases your concerns and anxiety levels. You may still keep in touch with your family and friends the old-fashioned way, over the phone. No need to stay hung up on social networks.

Exercise more
Sounds like an earworm, right? “I’ll start going to the gym/running in the park/walking instead of taking the car starting next Monday. Or next month. Or next year. This is right next to the healthy eating resolution. Well, this year is the one! No more procrastinating! DO it for yourself, not for the way you look, but because our body helps us get through, we’ve seen how important health is and we cannot take it for granted anymore.

Spending more time with your family
Last year we all said that family matters the most and we should spend more quality time together. We were forced to do it last year, but we rediscovered how fun it is to prepare meals together or to play board games on a weeknight or movie marathon on weekends. The time stood still last year and maybe we will be able to take this feeling with us in the years to come.