Your enthusiasm paid off: Super Bono is here!

Waiting for Super bono was fun! Taking selfies and sharing them with your friends made waiting for Super Bono less annoying and more enjoyable. We like to think of him (yes, it’s a boy!) as a reliable superhero that comes every month to help families and friends come closer together, no matter where they live. So, starting October 19th until October 23rd, Super bono offers you 30 CUC bonus for all Cubacel recharges you’re sending to Cuba.

All you need to do to get the bonus is follow 2 easy steps:

  • send a 20 CUC mobile recharge
  • get 30 CUC bonus

And we know that you want to send mobile recharges to your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, brother or sister or to your many dear friends still living in Cuba, so we have great news: the higher the number of mobile recharges you send, the higher the overall value of the bonus.

Or, in case you want to send top ups amounting to 30 CUC each, you get double:

  • 60 CUC for 30 CUC sent
  • 120 CUC for 2 mobile recharges of 30 CUC

selfiecubano winner And we also have a special bonus to this article:)
The winner of our Facebook #selfiecubano contest is…
Nilmary Lopez
Nilmary López: Emocionada por la llegada del Súper Bono. ¡Cuba en mi corazón!

Congrats, Nilmary and enjoy your free 20 CUC mobile recharge!