How excited are you that Super bono is on its way?

Yes, Super bono is coming soon, starting on October 19th. But until then, let’s have some fun!

  • Take a #selfiecubano...

    showing how excited you are that the special bonus campaign from Cubacel is on its way.

  • And that’s not all!

    Share your #selfiecubano with us by posting it on our Facebook page until October 19th.

  • No great deeds go unpunished...

    so we’ll “punish” you with one free mobile recharge of 20 CUC.

Invite your friends to hit the Like button below your photo posted on Facebook page because only the photo with the highest number of likes wins the contest. Lots of fun and a great prize, besides the usual Super bono we all love, that’s a great way to start the weekend, right?

Show us your enthusiasm: at home, at the office, on the street, at the subway, on the playground, wherever you feel happy thinking about the mobile recharges gifts you’ll be sending to your family and friends from Cuba.

By the way, Super Bono for Cubacel recharges starts on: October 19th!

So, ready, selfie, go!