You are a Cuban if…

There are many things that set Cubans apart from other nationalities, but we’ll leave those to the history books and encyclopedias. We’ll just mention those peculiarities that will make you smile and say: “Yes, you’re right! That happened to me, too, when I was a kid” or “Sure, I also do that!” or “That’s exactly what mom or dad does”. We don’t want to make you feel nostalgic, we just want to make you proud to be a Cuban, as you have so many things to be proud of.

Here we go! You know you are a Cuban if:

  1. Babies smell of Agua de violeta / violet perfume
  2. You had to wait at least 50 minutes after eating to be able to go swimming.
  3. Your dad told you that all smoking was bad for you, except for cigars.
  4. Your mom is still in charge of your lunch box even though you’re 32.
  5. You can dance conga, son, merengue, salsa, or guaracha without any music
  6. You ride a five-passenger car with seven people inside, and still, someone outside yells “Any free seats left?”
  7. You’re looking for the Double Bonus to Cubacel mobiles at least once a week

Honestly, to how many things on this list did you say “Yes, I did that…”? Or how many friends or family members did you recognize in those scenarios? Why don’t you call them and share your thoughts on this?
For this kind of moments was designed, to help you stay in touch with the people you love, no matter the distance that may separate you sometimes.

and explore, together with the great Cubans in your life, the pride of belonging to this great nation!