Great opportunities shouldn’t be missed and the next Cubacel promo is just that kind of opportunity that doesn’t knock twice.
Arrival date: January 28
Spreading bonuses and joy all around until: February 2
The enchanting bonuses that accompany the standard top ups:

  • 20CUC - 40 CUC bonus

  • 30CUC - 40 CUC bonus

  • 40CUC - 80 CUC bonus

  • 50CUC - 80 CUC bonus

  • 60CUC - 120 CUC bonus

  • 80CUC - 160 CUC bonus

So sit back and relax, there’s no need to hurry, because Triple Bono stays is open for 6 days.

The promotional balance can be used only for local and International calls and SMS (Including SMS entumóvil). However, the bonus does not apply to email service, MMS or mobile data service (data from mobile phones), the main balance will be deducted.
So the promo helps your loved ones back home enjoy both calls and internet, since the main balance can be used for activating 3G plans, whereas the bonus can be used for calls and texts.

Did you know that?

To enjoy high quality 3G services, your family and friends back home in Cuba need to find the place and the opportune time to reach three bars or more of coverage, taking into account the peak times. In Cuba, the critical peak traffic hours are from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm and from 9:30 pm to 10:30 pm.
They should also consider the height at which they find themselves and the obstacles of concrete or metal such as basements, elevators and thick walls.