3 tips for Cuban expats on how to land their dream job

When leaving Cuba for a better life, a job is something that may turn your challenge into a dream or a not so pleasant experience. So, when applying for an position, don’t forget that a HR person will likely see tens, maybe hundreds of resumes for the position you are hoping to get. How can you make sure your application gets noticed? And how can you make sure that after getting noticed, there will be no other obstacle standing between you and your perfect job? Here are some tips that will help you pursue your career dream.

1. Define what you really want

Make sure the dream job you’re chasing now will still be your dream job in the foreseeable future. We know you can’t predict the future and, moreover, that HR experts recommend a change of the job scenery every now and then. But still, first you have to make sure that the field you chose is really what you want.

2. Create a unique resume
There are hundreds of people applying for the same job. And the resume is your first opportunity to get noticed. How can you do that? Write a career summary, emphasizing your achievements and quantifying them, whenever possible. Also, avoid cliche words: “responsible for’, ‘successfully’, ‘developed’, etc, lost their meanings in the pile of similar resumes. Make your resume unique, just like yourself and your career path.

3. LinkedIn and Facebook matter
Experts say that more than 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find talented candidates. Turn offs include casual photos, sloppy writing, or inconsistent profiles. Also, they make a brief online check, so your Facebook profile must also decent, a sort of portfolio of your personal stories and beliefs.

Don’t forget to be confident. Great things happen when you believe in yourself and actively try to make your dreams come true. These tips also apply when searching for a job in Cuba, so why don’t you call your friends back home in Cuba and share the info?