Top 3 greatest wishes Cuban expats have for 2017

When living miles away from your home country and most importantly, from the people you love, your thoughts usually go to Cuba… Spending more time with your family and friends back home, seeing them more often, visiting Cuba at least once a year are probably some of the answers that come most often to your mind when someone asks you “What’s your biggest wish for 2017?

We asked this question last week on our Facebook page and here are the most frequent answers:

Reunite with family.

Gloria: My greatest wish for this 2017 is to be able to bring together my entire family, and thanks to you I feel closer to them, blessings for all those who make it possible for thousands of Cubans to be closer to our loved ones.”
Yaritza: Being with my family is my biggest dream.”
Maite: “My biggest wish for 2017 is to bring my mom to the United States.”

Visitar Cuba más seguido.

Mick: “My greatest wish for this year to spend more time in Cuba.”

Deb: “My biggest wish for 2017 is to see my Cuban family more than once!”

Duval: “My greatest wish for 2017 is to go to Cuba and see my loved ones!”

Stay connected.

Rosario: “I want HablaCuba to continue to support all of us with its best rates and bonuses”

That being said, our greatest wish for 2017 is to be able to help you even more to stay connected to your loved ones back in Cuba. Because that’s our main belief: families can stay strong no matter how far away from each other their members may live at some point. That’s why we try our best to offer you the best rates for international calls to Cuba and bonuses for top ups to Cubacel and Nauta.