Great news for your Cubans back home: Voice and SMS Plans from Etecsa

Based on the number of top ups you usually send to Cuba, especially during the Cubacel promotion (you can feel it coming soon, right?), we know how much your family and friends back in Cuba love to spend talking on the phone. Or texting. For all of them Etecsa has great news: they can now purchase Voice or SMS plans, which will help them save money and will help you worry less that they are running out of minutes or texts.

Here are some important details:

  • They can activate the plans dialing *133# to access the menu and then they should follow the instructions
  • The plans are valid for 30 days.
  • There are 5 Voice plans they can choose from:
    • 40 minutes plan, which costs $10
    • 25 minutes plan, which costs $6.5
    • 15 minutes plan, which costs $4.2
    • 10 minutes plan, which costs $2.9
    • 5 minutes plan, which costs $1.5
  • …y 4 SMS plans:
    • Plan de 45 SMS por $ 2,50
    • Plan de 35 SMS por $ 2,10
    • Plan de 20 SMS por $ 1,30
    • Plan de 10 SMS por $ 0,70

Source: Etecsa website

Basically, the new plans Etecsa offers mean savings, on the one hand, and adaptability to Cuban behaviours: if they don’t send texts, they can choose the voice plans, if they love sending texts, the SMS included in the SMS plans are cheaper than if the plan is not active. So great benefits for everyone.