Yes, it’s Super Bono week again! The data+CUP fan version, nonetheless, as international top ups sent to Cuba get an upgrade: extra CUP and extra GB. How does that sound to your ear and your heart?
So, between March 22-27, you can help your loved ones back home in Cuba stay connected with this special Cubacel promo

The bonus validity stays the same – 30 days from the reception of the top up, whereas the main balance will keep the same validity as previous promotions (330 days from recharge date).

And we have some great news: if customers who still have bonuses of Data (GB) and Dinero (Credit balance) from previous promotions receive a new top up during the promotional day, the validity of the previous bonuses will be extended to 30 days from day or recharge.

Customers with data plans (All networks and LTE) and their corresponding bonuses (LTE and local browsing .cu) if a top up is received during promotional period, will have 30 days at 23:59 Cuba time for their data to expire.

How data will be discounted:

1 – Daily Bolsa, if available
2 – Bonuses
3 – Active data packs
4 – Main balance

That’s all we’ve got to share for today. Enjoy the promo and don’t forget to send top ups to all your loved ones who would need the help.