Long-distance relationships are always hard… Communication can be challenging, the distance makes the simplest things, such as having dinner or holding hands, impossible. Add a pinch of Cuban sweet madness and things can get crazy… We’re no experts on dating matters, so we did a little research and are excited to share the results with you.

Dating a Cuban = Fast and serious (not furious, thank God!)

Marimundo.com summarizes a typical relationship as follows:

Day 1: You meet and have fun
Day 2: You Meet the Family
Day 3: The Proposal

Leaving the fun exaggeration aside, Cubans tend to be faster as compared to other nationalities, so don’t be surprised if:
You’re a woman and you see a ring after a few dates, dinners and friends gatherings.
You’re a man, a foreigner and the Cuban chica is getting more and more bitter after a while.. (Yes, she wants the ring)

Things are not entirely based on you and your feelings

The US-Cuba political relationship will also play its role in your relationship. An article published by WashingtonPost.com analyses how dating someone in Cuba means that relationships are subject to volatile international politics. So besides love and resilience, you need a plan to make things work despite everything.

Communication is never easy and always expensive

If calling Mexico, for instance, from the US comes free with some mobile carriers, Cuba is never on that special deals list. Calling Cuba starts at 55.5 ¢/min, but online apps are a helpful option. Whether we’re talking about Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp or other online solutions, you can take a look here at the amount of data used by major apps.

You date a Cuban, you date their entire family

Another tip from Marimundo.com – Because Cubans are so family oriented, you’ll get introduced rather quickly to their mom, dad, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. etc. They will probably be equally as nice, but consider that you might need to bring back vitamins and coffee makers and perfume for the entire pueblo on every trip back.

So yes, the ride will be full of hurdles, adventure, frustration at times, and a whole load of affection! ‘Cause that’s what Cubans need most: attention and affection, right? All we can wish you is to enjoy the ride.